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Extreme Euro Open 2016

Ballesteros managed to win the Extreme Euro Open last June, he obtained this title for the third time in his career.

This year within the KSL (European Continental League) the Extreme Euro Open is probably the most prestigious competition of the continent due to many factors, such as being able to shoot 30 stages at highest level on three half days of competition. To have a competition like this in the heart of Europe attracts annually hundreds of shooters, this year more than 700 participants attended it. Many of the best shooters in the world shoot this match year by year with the goal of winning this extraordinary event.



Jorge managed to clinch the top spot ahead of frenchman Emile Obriot and Czech Martín Kamenicek.

Classification Open Division:

1. Ballesteros, Jorge (ESP)
2. Emile, Obriot
3. Kameníček, Martin
4. Havlíček Miroslav
5. Deville, Remy
6. Kirsch, Saul
7. Panetta, Cosimo
8. Ribas, Guga
9. Orsolini, Marco
10. Boyarkin, Victor