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Jorge Ballesteros. IPSC World Champion

Jorge Ballesteros proclaims World Champion in the Open division at the recent World Championship in France, held in Chateauroux, from August 27 to September 3. This championship had an extraordinary participationwith more than 1500 shooters, representing to more than a hundred countries of the whole globe.
Jorge was able to beat his opponents in a really difficult competition, said by many, the most complex V level ever celebrated both by the technical quality of their stages and by the difficulty of targets.

Among the participants in the Open division were popular shooters such as the American team with the presence of former world champion Max Michel Kc Eusebio, JJ Racaza, Chris Tilley and many other talents such as the Brazilian Jaime Saldanha or the French Emile Obriot.

Jorge obtained the gold medal, the silver went to the American JJ Racaza and the Frenchman Emile Obriot obtained the bronze.

The overall winners in the remaining divisions were Eric Grauffel in Standard, Ben Stoeger in Production, Elias Paul Frangoulis in Classic and Michael William Poggie in Revolver.