Jorge Ballesteros Fernandez was born May 27th 1983 in San Sebastian (Guipuzcoa), and moved to Madrid with his family at the age of six.

He graduated from high school in 2002, and subsequently studied Business management and administration in Madrid until 2008.

Since he was a little boy he was very keen of sports: he practiced Judo, Karate, athletics, soccer, basketball, racquetball and ping pong and more. He has always been a fighter and very competitive.

He grew up with his father’s influence of gun aficionado and the fascinating world of practical shooting (IPSC). From a young age he dreamed of becoming a professional shooter, and this was the key factor that led his father to introduce him to the world of sports shooting so that he started training at the age of 16. Nevertheless, Spanish law does not allow and did not allow at the time, for minors to get a sport-shooting license. This is why he went to France for his first competitions.

Shortly after turning 18, and after such a long wait and training, he participated in his first Spanish championship obtaining the title of Absolute Spanish Champion of the Open Division., becoming the youngest shooter in the country to ever win this the title. All the training and hard work paid off, but this was only the beginning.

During these last years his trajectory as a shooter only rose higher, demonstrating his great ability and dexterity in national as well as international competitions. His training techniques and continuity have made Jorge a great asset of the world sport-shooting scene.

At the Word Championship celebrated in Guayaquil (Equador) in 2005, Jorge Ballesteros obtained the bronze medal in the Open Division, reaffirming his great progress and dedication to the sport.

In the European Championships of France in 2007 and Serbia in 2010, Jorge was able to raise up to achieve the silver medal in Open Division, right behind the three-time world champion Eric Grauffel.

In 2013 in Barcelos (Portugal), Jorge was proclaimed European Champion for the first time in his athletic career revalidating this title in 2016 in Felsotarkany (Hungary).

2017 was the best year on Jorge´s shooting carreer, he finally got the most wished tittle, proclaiming IPSC World Champion in the Open División