This course is recommended for newcomer shooters.

The goal of this course is basically teach the shooter to shoot safely on the targets, applying the fundamentals of practical shooting and imparting the knowledge necessary for proper practice.

The idea is to create a base from which the shooter can easily evolve. The great technical difficulty of this discipline makes its beginnings are complex. This course aims to be an easy and effective tool for the shooter, with very short-term benefits.

Course content:

  • The IPSC Rulebook: most notable aspects
  • Gun manipulation and basic safety rules to consider
  • Gun cleaning and manteniance
  • Ammunition and equipment check
  • The gripping
  • The draw: the basic technique
  • Trigger control
  • Sight alignment and sight focus
  • The recoil control
  • Target transitions
  • Shooting timings
  • Shooting positions
  • Stage resolution

Course specifications:

Neccesary equipment: Gun, magazines, holster, belt, mag pouches , ear protection, eye protection, shooting clothes, pen and paper.

Journays: 1

Number of rounds to be fired: 250

Number of participants: 10




Provide the firearms licence and the qualification to practice the discipline.