This course is guided for experienced shooters in this sport .

The course of IPSC High Level I is a pioneering course, with no doubt is the most popular course among the courses we offer, it´s been a star reference in the spanish national IPSC, being the course that has been made by great shooters of our country and abroad.

The course is based on the analysis and development of techniques and tactics independently and to show different methods and tricks that help optimize your level of shooting.

In this course a comprehensive plan of training that would enhance the performance of the shooter, also economizes the amount of ammunition necessary to use for each shooting session, making it much more effective practice, and whose main focus is improving the performance and results of the shooter.

Course content:


  • General explanation of the training system and goal setting
  • The shooter´s evolution
  • The ISOS Piramid
  • Hit Factor understanding and the importance at the stage
  • Split/Transitions
  • The Power Factor
  • Briefing y visualization
  • Stage plan and tactics


  • Gun check and rig setting
  • Draw perfectioning
  • Exiting from positions
  • Different start conditions
  • Transitions
  • Shooting behind barricades
  • Mastering foot work
  • Coming-in
  • Shooting in low positions
  • Shooting strong and weak hand
  • Shooting on the move
  • Shooting moving targets

Course specifications:

Neccesary equipment: Gun, magazines, holster, belt, mag pouches , ear protection, eye protection, shooting clothes, pen and paper.

Journays: 2

Number of rounds to be fired: 350

Number of participants: 10




Provide the firearms licence and the qualification to practice the discipline.