This course is focused in competition, emphasizing its preparation and development.

After years teaching high-level courses IPSC, its time to present the IPSC COURSE High Level II: an advanced course, based largely on the techniques learned in the course of IPSC High Level I ,so its very recommendable to do it previously.

During the completion of the course we analyze the way of integrating the different techniques learned, looking for effective implementation in the exercises.

The great input of this course is the large amount of time spent in the staging, performing a simulation of an IPSC competition, shooting stages in different ways and using the most refined techniques.

Course content:


  • Goal setting
  • Physical preparation and nutrition
  • Stage plan and tactics
  • Psicology and managing stress in competition
  • Analisys and evaluation of the competitors


  • Solving multiple stages of high level difficulty analyzing the tactics and implementing the combination of learned techniques
  • Competition demo

Course specifications:

Neccesary equipment: Gun, magazines, holster, belt, mag pouches , ear protection, eye protection, shooting clothes, pen and paper.

Jornays: 2

Number of rounds to be fired: 350

Number of participants: 10




Provide the firearms licence and the qualification to practice the discipline.