This type of class is intended to impart the knowledge and skills required at the individual level.

The proper learning of this sport, along with efficient training is essential when completing the different stages in competition. Evolve as a shooter is not an easy task, and much less in the complex world of practical shooting. We must know how to combine the speed and accuracy to achieve the best results.

Private lessons tutored by Jorge Ballesteros pose a training system according to each case, taking into account the needs of the student.

The development of the classes will have a dry fire part in order to make the movements and techniques properly, by the other hand, the proffesor will teach the shooter how to shoot faster and more accurate through live fire.

Such classes are designed for all levels, from the newly initiated to the expert marksman.

Information to consider:

Neccesary equipment: Gun, magazines, holster, belt, mag pouches , ear protection, eye protection, shooting clothes, pen and paper.

Number of rounds to be fired: 250 (half day) or 500 (full day)

Number of participants: individual or maximum group of 3 participants.




Provide the firearms licence and the qualification to practice the discipline.